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This project will attempt to remaster the default artwork of NBA 2K11, so that the game can be a little more enjoyable to play by today's standards.
Overall, the aim is to improve quality and fix inaccuracies, while remaining faithful to 2K Sports creation of textures, normalmaps, etc.


Update v0.2 to 0.3:

Below are download links for the optional files found in the main downloads. Use these in case you don't have them anymore, but don't want to download everything again:


- Completed all remaining classic team stadiums/dornas/courts/uniforms, including the Jordan Challenge variants.
- Completed retro referee uniforms from 1985 to 1998, with additional variants for removing indicators beneath players or replays.
- Updated the "regular/athletic" jersey of the 2K12 converted classic models.
- Added an optional global file without the "unbuttoned coach/player suits".
- Added more cyberface updates by the users 'urh28', 'MGX', and 'MIR' for some existing classic team players.

- Completed uniforms, courts, stadiums, and logos for the Clippers, Grizzlies, Hornets, Jazz, Kings, Lakers, Magic, Mavericks, Nets, and Nuggets
- Completed retro uniforms and team file for the Clippers
- Completed court/stadium for the Practice Gym, Draft Combine (Attack Athletics), and NBA Summer League
- Completed uniforms for the 2010 Draft Combine
- Updated 2011 Heat Practice Home uniform, fixed number position of 2011 Heat Alternate, fixed name fonts of 2011 Celtics uniforms
- Updated and converted 2K12-2K14 cyberfaces of 50+ players/coaches for the completed 2011 teams
- Custom global with updated accessories, with tighter and unbuttoned coach/player suits
- Conference finals logos should now automatically show up on basket stanchions of the completed 2011 teams
- Higher resolution team logos are now being used within the menus
- Fixed normalmaps of all completed courts
- More logo updates within Custom Bootup Screen
- More texture/color fixes of logos embedded within files, such as:
- Removing 2K Sports Logos or replacing them with NBA Logos
- Updating all blue/red colors of NBA-related logos

- Completed uniforms, team files, courts, stadiums, and logos for the 76ers, Bobcats, Bucks, Bulls, Cavaliers, Celtics, Hawks, Heat, and Knicks
- Completed uniforms (with warmups), courts, and logos for all Classic Teams
- Alby's Realistic Roster v7 with filled out players for the classic teams, mostly with accurate cyberfaces, portraits, ratings, tendencies, and shoes
- Completed '85-'86 Boston Garden, '90-'91 Great Western Forum, '90-'92 Chicago Stadium with Regular/Jordan Challenge Versions
- Playoffs / Conference Finals / Finals versions of the completed 2011 team's courts/stadiums
- Upscaled NBA Ball
- Converted 2K12 Classic Uniform Models
- Retextured Referee Uniform
- Custom Bootup Screen with hex edited logos
- Texture/color fixes to logos embedded within files


- To use the 2K12 converted classic uniform models, change your 'Player' video settings to Medium.

- The 2K12 converted classic uniform models do not work with players who are assigned the "fat" body model (e.g Kevin Duckworth).

- Unfortunately, the unbuttoned suit jacket can be quite glitchy for certain coach animations. There just isn't enough vertices to work with to extend the shirt downwards, therefore the skeleton of the model sometimes forces it to clip through the jacket.

- The shoes for the "non-completed" 2011 teams are missing from the download, which means a lot of the players on the Roster are missing personal shoes. You could download the missing shoes from here, but I have made a lot of texture changes/fixes to the shoes of the completed 2011 teams. It's up to you whether or not to replace them:


Version 0.3:

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

Version 0.2:

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]



    - Re-create and upscale every uniform/warmup texture


Team Files:

    - Re-create and upscale every crowd/mop boy/cheerleader texture
    - Fix colours and inaccuracies of mascots textures


    - Improve quality of textures where applicable without upscaling
    - Fix colours and inaccuracies of every basket/stanchion/score table/etc.
    - Replace 2K Sports or NBA 2K11 logos with the default sponsorships of the game (HP, Gatorade,, etc.)


- 76ers

- Bobcats

- Bucks

- Bulls

- Cavaliers

- Celtics

- Clippers

- Grizzlies

- Hawks

- Heat

- Hornets

- Jazz

- Kings

- Knicks

- Lakers

- Magic

- Mavericks

- Nets

- Nuggets

- Classic Teams

- Miscellaneous


Base Roster:

    - Albys (Realistic Roster v7)

Player Ratings/Tendencies/Signatures:

    - HAWK23 (2K12 Ultimate Base Roster)
    - iPrototype (2K11 1992 Season Mod)
    - StompTheCourt (2K11 1997 Season Mod)
    - RayRay_953 (Classic Team Players)


    - ilyas
    - ily94
    - jaelove
    - Koresh
    - MGX
    - MIR
    - nosebleed_nZ
    - Pinoyako2k7
    - retroman
    - urh28
    - wody
    and Others


    - Autohao
    - IHS13
    - King12
    - MLLR
    - Tie-shen
    - Xiaoju
    - 鞋会
    - 鞋帮刘祎
    - 大星的围脖
    - 耳火人韦等
    and Others


    - BPDHoplite (One-Court Texture Template)
    - Kodrinksy (Reference/Database)


    - BBMYLove (Dwight Howard Adidas Arm Sleeves)
    - doseL (Accessory Textures)
    - MrXcitement96 (Missing Portraits)
    - Sith (NBA Ball Texture)
    - TwisT (Retro NBA Ball Texture)

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