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This release in 2K Sports' long-running NBA 2K basketball series touts Michael Jordan as the cover athlete, and builds a number of challenges around his career. This is in addition to a series of improvements to game modes like My Player and The Association, as well as a new dribbling and animation mechanic.

Jordan's involvement is maximized from the start, with four modes based around Jordan's career. The "Jordan Challenge" has the player control Michael in ten highlight games through his career. The player must successfully recreate Jordan's real-life performance in the virtual scenario. In Quick Game mode, players can select eight different years of Jordan-led Chicago Bulls squads, and pit them against current-day rosters. Players can control a rookie Jordan in "MJ: Create a Legend" mode, and guide him through a modern-day career in the NBA. Finally, players are awarded pairs of Air Jordans for in-game achievements. Players are encouraged to collect all the Air Jordans Michael wore through his career, and each gives a stat bonus when equipped by the player's character.

2K11 features revised "Iso-Motion" dribbling controls, allowing players to perform fancy moves with combinations of the right stick and trigger. These include crossovers, hesitations, and behind-the-back moves. Players can also use the "Shot Stick" controls for analog control over their shot and release, as well as their drive to the basket. Combinations of stick and trigger moves allow players abilities from quickly switching the ball to the opposite hand, to controlling a layup or dunk. Alternatively, players can use the face buttons for basic pass/fake/shot controls, and engage icon passing to accurately select their target. An "On-The-Fly Coaching" system uses a series of branching menus on the controller's direction pad to change A.I. strategies, or call out new ones in multiplayer. Finally, a new "Shot Branching" system lets players adjust their shots when airborne, without being stuck to a canned animation.

"My Player" mode allows players to create a new rookie and take him through a career in the NBA. Each created player starts in the NBA Draft Combine (included here, not sold separately as last year) and hopefully signs with a team based on their performance. From there, players will handle their character both on and off the court, and build up limited RPG-style stats. Off-court gameplay includes elements like talking to the press after a game (and picking responses from a few possible choices), communicate with your coach (such as asking for a trade), and gaining and managing product endorsem*nts. On-court, players are expected to play their role on the team, and are graded and rewarded (with skill points) as such. Each game has specific goals to meet, such as scoring a set amount of points, and some games will be marked as "key" games - netting a boost to exposure and skill points if completed successfully.

"Association" mode allows players to manage a team as both coach and GM, and gives control over scouting, assigning players, negotiating salaries, and the like. This year, a greater emphasis is put on team chemistry and player egos, similar to the relevant stats in "My Player" mode. If star players aren't given the court time they feel they deserve, they become disgruntled. Up to 30 teams can be set for player control, allowing for multiple players to engage in an elaborate fantasy league simulation. Players can use an existing NBA team as a template, or create their own.

Online, players can form clubs and leagues. Clubs are most similar to an MMO "guild," or an enhanced friends list. Players can use a created character or one from the NBA roster. Club stats are tracked as any players win or lose games, which feed into leaderboards showing how the clubs stack up. Leagues are more dedicated multiplayer simulations of seasons, from draft to finals. Players join and battle other players to take their team to the top. League admins are granted the ability to kick inactive players. Returning from previous years is the Sprite-sponsored "NBA Blacktop" mode, putting NBA players in street ball pickup games (like 21) online or offline. New for this year is a "Slam Dunk Showdown," scoring players on the flashiest dunks. Standard one-game multiplayer matchups are also, of course, supported.

The final major new feature for 2K11 is the "NBA Today 2.0" system. Live NBA news and game results are streamed from online, along with a "living roster" system that updates player stats and injuries. In addition, this system is a blanket term for improvements to the game's presentation. Players now reflect their real-world tendencies and emotions when applicable, crowds and chants are dynamic, stadiums and halftime shows are accurately represented, and commentary is more accurate and organic. Players can create their own game highlight reels, player DNA, or custom situations, and upload them to share with other players.

NBA 2K11 (2010) - MobyGames (2024)


Is Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11? ›

The mode centers on Michael Jordan, and tasks the player with achieving ten of his most memorable accomplishments in his career, such as scoring 69 points in a game.

Who is the cover athlete of the NBA 2K11? ›

Michael Jordan to grace the cover of NBA 2k11.

How many GB is NBA 2K11? ›

I ended up getting the game yesterday. In case anybody else would want to know, it's 6.7 gigabytes.

How do you create a legend in NBA 2K11? ›

To unlock Creating a Legend mode go to the main menu – features – extras – codes. From there enter: icanbe23. Make sure to save the settings file after doing so. Creating a Legend mode involves drafting a rookie Michael Jordan to a team of choice and playing through his career in the NBA of today.

Did Kobe ever wear Jordans in a game? ›

During the 2002-03 season, Kobe broke out the Air Jordan 17 Black/Silver on three occasions. He was productive in this performance pair, lacing them in a big game against T-Mac.

What is the best team in NBA 2k11? ›

26 more rows
Oct 1, 2010

Who is the 2K24 cover athlete? ›

Kobe Bryant and Sabrina Ionescu were named the two cover athletes for NBA 2K24 and its WNBA edition (Illustration by Moe Haidar/Yahoo Sports).

What 2K cover was Steph on? ›

Summary of NBA 2K Cover Athletes
Cover AthleteCoversNBA 2K Game
Steph Curry1NBA 2K16
James Harden1NBA 2K16
Blake Griffin1NBA 2K13
Derrick Rose1NBA 2K13
30 more rows

Who was on the cover of 2K17? ›

On Wednesday night, it was announced that Paul George will grace the cover of the NBA 2K17 Standard Edition.

Did 2k11 have a shot meter? ›

2k11 shooting was basically the same thing as 2k17. Now you just have a meter showing how much off you are from your shot. I look at the animation, then after I shoot, I look at the meter to tell me how early or how late I was from the green/perfect release.

How big is NBA 2K? ›

According to a report from Insider Gaming, NBA 2K24 has an install size of 161GB on Xbox Series X|S at launch. For NBA 2K, the increasing install size is perhaps to be expected. Last year's game clocked in at 152GB. That is also larger than Starfield, which takes up 126GB on Xbox and 140GB on PC.

How do you cheat skill points in NBA 2k11? ›

Easy Skill Points

Before you start your new drill, subtract on point from you 3 point stat, which gives you around a 1000 skill points to spend on anything else, then complete a shooting drill by attempting only 3s to get your 3 point attribute maxed out again. This is a simple way to get extra skill points.

What is mj Creating a legend? ›

Once The Jordan Challenge is beat in its entirety, the single-player, offline-only Creating a Legend mode unlocks. "The idea behind MJ: Creating a Legend is that you're going to step into today's NBA with a rookie Michael Jordan," Boenisch says.

What 2K is Jordan on? ›

Michael Jordan on NBA 2K24

He has a total of 41 Badges in which 14 of them are Hall of Fame Level. Note that All-Time Players' ratings never change on NBA 2K24. Below are his attributes and badges.

Is Michael Jordan in NBA 2K13? ›

Since NBA 2K13 allows fans to use old-school Jordan on their teams, he is the undoubtedly the best player in the game.

Is Michael Jordan a part of the NBA? ›

He was integral in popularizing basketball and the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s, becoming a global cultural icon. His profile on the NBA website states, "By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time." Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.

Was Michael Jordan in any NBA video games? ›

Of course, Jordan is one of the playable players. The next series of games Jordan appeared in during the 90s was the Tecmo NBA series. First, there was Tecmo NBA Basketball, which was released on the Nintendo, and then Tecmo Super NBA Basketball, released on both the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.


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