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A Father’s Love JFK Memorial

This piece was done by artist Chris Kroll in 2007. It is a John F. Kennedy Memorial and homage to fatherhood and includes a bronze statue depicting John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s casket in 1963, and a base relief of President Kennedy. The statue recognizes Senator Kennedy’s announcement of his intention to run […]

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All Gave Some, Some Gave All Memorial

This bronze sculpture and stone monument honor Star City residents who served in the military. The memorial is located at the JFK Memorial Park in Star City. Located at the Star City riverfront, this memorial is a tribute to Star City residents who served in the military. The memorial consists of two pieces: a bronze […]

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Brian M. Powell, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Built in 1853, the structure is a modified arched Burr truss, with siding added twenty years after the bridge’s construction and spans Buffalo Creek near Barrackville, West Virginia. Located at the intersection of Pike St. and Buffalo Rd.

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Charles C. Wise Library

Manuscripts, photographs, books, oral histories and maps to aid those investigating West Virginia and the central Appalachian region. Located on WVU’s Downtown Campus in Wise Library. libraries.wvu.edu/wvcollection

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Cook Hayman Pharmacy Museum

Created to preserve the fast-disappearing implements and elements of pharmacy practice that had been in existence since West Virginia became a state in 1863, the Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum at the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy houses a unique collection of 18th and 19th century pharmacy memorabilia.

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Dent’s Run Covered Bridge

The last covered bridge standing in Monongalia County was erected in 1889 by order of Monongalia County Court; the stone abutments and wood framework construction costs totaled $448! The bridge is 40-feetlong, 13-feet wide, and utilizes the King post truss design. Located on US 19, at junction with County Route 43, west of Laurel Point. […]

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Easton Roller Mill

Antique steam engine, roller mills used in grinding wheat and mill stones are all on display at Easton Roller Mill.

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Forks of Cheat Baptist Church Cemetery

The first church established west of the mountains in Virginia, November 1775. During prohibition, one headstone, the “Whiskey Stone,” was used to exchange dollars for liquor. Off Old Stewartstown Rd. Before Forks of the Cheat Rd. Est.1832. Interments: 250. One Civil War soldier

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Barely off exit 136 on I-79, a six-ton monument is inscribed with the names of 27 men from Marion County, WV who died in Vietnam. Also located there is a Huey Helicopter which was actually flown in Vietnam… worth the quick stop on your way back to Morgantown.

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Mason-Dixon Historical Park

The 295 acres of meadows and woodland offers four miles of hiking and cross country skiing trails. Take I-79 Exit 155 to US 19 North, then left on WV-7 East. In 11.4 miles turn left into the park. Park trails open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 79 Buckeye Road • Core, WV […]

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Mason-Dixon Line

“Where Men Are Free” Mason-Dixon Line symbolizes a cultural boundary between the North and South (Dixie). 119S Pa./W.Va. state line

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Mesaros Galleries

The Laura and Paul Mesaros Galleries are located in the Douglas O. Blaney Lobby of the WVU Canady Creative Arts Center. The Mesaros Galleries serve to educate students, faculty, and staff across the university as well as the larger Morgantown community, with special emphasis on art majors and students of art history. Exhibitions focus on […]

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Morgantown History Museum

A unique view of Morgantown’s High Street in the mid-twentieth century. Over 70 slides created fromB/Wphotos taken in Feb, 1962. Featured Permanent Exhibit: Morgan Shirt Co. including photographs, patterns, dyes, an automated sewing machine using memory chips and shirts.

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Old Morgantown Glass Collector’s Guild Glass Museum

Open Wed-Sat 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Sun 1-5 p.m., closed Mon-Tue. Please email us to schedule special times and dates.

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Royce J. and Caroline B. Watts Museum

The Watts Museum explores the significance of technology and industrialization on our region’s communities and landscape. Through our exhibits, programs, and outreach, we hope to inspire creative and analytical thinking about the many facets of mineral resources and energy-related industries in West Virginia. This museum boasts free admission and is located in the Mineral Resources […]

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Scott’s Run Museum and Trail

Celebrating and preserving the history of coal and the coal boom era in Monongalia County, representing 13 communities that were put together as coal camps when the boom attracted men to work the mines from 19 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Mexico and African Americans from the South. Features a coal camp gift shop! Open […]

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Seneca Center

Brick-lined walls and worn wooden floors greet visitors as they wind their way through the assortment of privately owned specialty shops. Much of the character of the building has been richly retained, intermingling classic yet distinctive merchandise with warm hospitality. Constructed in 1898, the center boasts authentic glass manufacturing tools and murals of the glass […]

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A multiple-Kingpost truss bridge that was built in 1881. It was washed out by a flood in July 1889 and later relocated to its current location a half-mile upstream. Located at the intersection of Club View Dr. and Meadowbrook Dr.

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USS WV Mast and Memorial

Remember Pearl Harbor at this historic landmark. The USS West Virginia was the third and final member of the Colorado Class dreadnought battleship. The ship was docked at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941, and was sunk during the attacks that served as the catalyst for World War II. The Mast was […]

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West Virginia and Regional History Center

The West Virginia and Regional History Center is one of the foremost historical archives in the state of West Virginia. Among the WVHRC’s holdings are leading collections of primary and secondary research resources regarding the history of West Virginia. The WVRHC also features rotating exhibits highlighting the archives’ collections within the Center on the 6th […]

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West Virginia Botanic Garden

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is the state’s flagship public garden. This historic property features a variety of habitats including wetlands, meadows, and virgin hemlock forest. Cultivated gardens, art, and interpretive signage are developed throughout the 85-acre site. West Virginia Botanic Garden | WVBG.COM | Adventures in West Virginia from Sparks Productions on Vimeo. The […]

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West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

The Survey is housed in a converted state park lodge that overlooks Cheat Lake. There is a mini-museum displaying minerals, fossils, casts of T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus skulls and a full-sized Edmontosaurus dinosaur mounted on the wall.

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WVU Campus

The WVU was founded in 1867 and boasts six buildings on the National Register of Historic Places along with the mast from the USS West Virginia—attacked while docked at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941—is located at Oglebay Hall. The majestic Woodburn Circle, just across the street, is the campus’s crown jewel.

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Historic Sites in Morgantown, WV - VisitMountaineerCountry.com (2024)


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